A downloadable game for Windows

My implementation of the Space Attack game for the Godot 3 Complete Developer Course - 2D and 3D course at Udemy by Guilherme Oliveira.

Original project as developed during the course on github.

For this version, I've added explosions, loot, buff, shield, different flying formations, elite squad and collideable debris.

The license for the assets used are in the assets-license.txt the remaining assets were provided by the instructor.

If you want to learn Godot, make sure to try out the course.

Instead of just adding more features and fixing bugs into this project, I'm starting a new project using what I've learned and open game assets. Please check the devlog for a preview of what's coming.

AuthorOvergeared Noob
Made withGodot
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Unzip the SpaceAttack.zip file and play.

The project was made in Godot, which you'll need to use in order to build upon the current version.


assets-licences.txt 558 bytes
SpaceAttack.zip [game] 9 MB
Space Attack Project.zip [Godot project] 2 MB
Twin Planets: My current project. Backstory draft 1 182 kB

Development log

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