Twin Planets - Day 0

Today I've worked on setting up all the assets, implementing a few of the core mechanics and writing a backstory.

The initial version of the backstory is available at my google drive.

Long story short: two distant civilizations cooperated for millenia until they've decided to work on a portal to be able to share resources and help each other in case of an invasion. Things go wrong and their planets are now about to collide and both will be extinct. The sibling you never had is now coming in with full strength to pulverize your planet which will unfortunatelly wipe out your species and it is up to you, in a scout ship, to hold them back as your civilization figures out a way to get the war fleet through the portal. Spoiler alert: your civilization will rather destroy your friend than let the planets collide as well.

The next few steps are:

- Planets with destructable shield

- Bomber ships with escort squads (as in the images)

- Allied ships

- Localization (pt_BR and en_US locales)


Twin Planets: My current project. Backstory draft 1 182 kB
Jun 03, 2018

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