Twin Planets - Day 2 [Proof of Concept v.0.0.1]

The first demo gameplay video was released. It is still basically a space shooter and has a long way to go until it reach PoC 1.0 and it's ready to shift to early alpha.

For this version I've implemented the shielded planets and localization. You may have noticed the video is in Portuguese. That's because I changed it to test and forgot to change it back before recording.

I took so long to post this that I'm almost ready to record the v0.0.3 video, with allied ships, developer mode and more.

The next few steps are: 

Allies form squad with the player. [done]

Developer mode for easier cheating since I have no gaming skills. [done]

Enemy bomber squad.

Improved dialogue.

Allied fighter squad.


Twin Planets: My current project. Backstory draft 1 182 kB
Jun 03, 2018

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