A downloadable game for Windows

Prumyks and Calagea civilizations must destroy each other's planet in a war for survival. Twin Planets is a space shooter with some RTS elements where your plot related choices do matter. It is being developed with Godot engine and Open Game Art CC0 and CC-BY Assets. Initially the target platform is going to be Windows only. But, as we migrate into alpha version, more platforms might be added.

But that's old news. The new news would be that we're having the "PoC as in Piece of Cake" Challenge, to select youtube partner channels that will not only have early access to the game during the whole development, being able to give feedback while something can actually be done about it, but they'll be the only legal way to get keys to the game before the official launch (nope, you can't charge for them... sorry). 

So, here is how it works:

1 - Check the videos to make sure you think you'll be able to have fun playing the game as is. 

2 - Download the game, give it a try for a minute and make your gameplay video plan. Are you going to show how skilled you are and beat it? Are you going to do as I did and die trying? Are you going to find the known bugs, and maybe some unknown ones? Which path you're going for is up to you. What we want to see is your gamer personality and be sure you'll have a good chance on having fun playing our game. The space shooter is just one of the game's aspects. Which means that, winning or losing, if you're too overwhelmed to have fun, chances are the real thing will be punishment for you.

3 - Record and publish your gameplay video. Make sure you mention the challenge and link the video here at the comments section so we can find it.  Keep in mind that the longer the video, the harder it will be to keep the audience interested. After all, it's an early stage Proof of Concept edition. 

4 - If you speak any language besides English, please mention it on the post or on your channel's about section. Bilingual participants that don't happen to get chosen at this point will have preference when we start releasing translations.

5 - Did you notice how boring my gameplay videos were? Don't do the same. Say something while you play. Be part of the video.

PS: It doesn't matter if you've just created your youtube account or just beaten PewDiePie on subscribers count. The content is what matters at this point. 

Release date Jul 01, 2019
AuthorOvergeared Noob
Made withGodot
Tagsgodot, Real time strategy, Space, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Portugal)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

The game doesn't require installation. All you have to do is to unzip the file and play.


Twin Planets - PoC v 0.0.3.zip 48 MB